Nano Facial Mist Sprayer, New Item Is Coming.



Nano Facial Mist Sprayer, New Item Is Coming.

USB Rechargeable Nano Handy Mist Sprayer & Mini Portable Facial Moisture Mist Sprayer 

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Working Principle

Nano Spray is a portable machine that skin care by adopting the nanometer ion technology, it adopted the high tech chip technology, special concussion technology to convert the skin care lotion to become the nanometer which can decompose to the ion in 0.25-0.5 micrometer and fast permeate into the basal cell layer of the skin. It can be effectively and deeply absorbed and produce the most excellent effect of skin care and beautification.


Function & Effects


1.Uses Nanometer permeating skin care technology to make your skin moist and smooth anytime.


2.Use pure water, distilled water or mineral water, transforms into nano-scale spray so as to enhance penetration to the skin for better absorption.


3.Promotes the facial cells in blood circulation and metabolism.


4.Releases stress, anti-allergic and cures acne. cleans and tightens the skin and keeps our face with moisture.


5.Cleans and tightens the skin and keeps your face hydrated. Also can be applied to body,hair, and face etc.


6.To use on face before makeup, apply it at a distance of 5cm; with makeup, apply at 15cm distance.


7.Simply slide the cover to automatically release the mist for 30 seconds.


8. Atomization Quantity: about 0.8mL/minute. 


9. Power bank function, 2800mAh of rechargeable battery.

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