Beauty Product Packaging Trends for 2018


We are inundated with visual information on a daily basis, from advertising to social media. We are overloaded with information and choices and the result is overwhelming. This may be one of the reasons a different trend occurred in beauty product packaging this year. A kind of simplicity or minimalism has become popular in this year's plastic product packaging. Only the essential aspects relating to the product are displayed, in a clean, clear, simple and direct way. This gives the consumer an instant feeling of knowing what they are getting that avoids overwhelm in the viewer.

Simple Text and Fonts


Basic text and fonts look sophisticated in modern beauty packaging designs.

This simplicity is being expressed in a variety of ways. The first to note is text and font. Beauty product packaging can often contain complex and even hard to read fonts as a means of bringing elegance to the design. But right now, the simpler more direct fonts that are black and easy to read have become incredibly popular. In this way, wording that directly communicates the nature and identity of the product has begun to trend. Consumers are now being attracted to plastic product packaging that they can identify with a quick glance as well as process what the product offers, easily and in a clean manner.

Geometry in Beauty Product Packaging


Another kind of beauty product packaging that is trending in this way is distinct geometric shapes. Circles, triangles, squares and other simple shapes in limited simple colors have been very appealing. Monochromatic color patterns or high contrast black and white add to the theme of simplicity and clarity that has become popular. It allows an overwhelmed consumer to look at a shelf and be attracted by the minimalism and ease of the design.

Simpler Designs and Simpler Times

Plastic product packaging that is ornately old fashioned has also become popular as it lends itself to giving the consumer a feeling of a simpler time. Items that look like they are made or written by hand and fonts that make artful use of calligraphy give the feeling of the past, warmth and peace. These old fashioned designs are being used in new ways, juxtaposing the old with the new, that still allows the item to have a refreshingly modern style.

The Benefit of Basic Instructions


Beauty product packaging often benefits from having step-by-step instructions that are easy to read and follow. Depending on the product in question, portability is a bonus. In a similar way, individually packed items can be useful for people on the go. In particular, products like face masks allow the packaging to express the feeling a person would garner from the product, such as cool colors that advertise a cooling effect. People are health conscious today and words such as “fresh” and “natural” are attractive as many want to know that their products are non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals. Less is more, not only in look but also in ingredients.

As a whole, plastic product packaging that is friendly for those on the go and also evokes a sense of simplicity are the key aspects of packaging for 2018.

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